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Helping business Owners and Families create an exit on their Own Terms

CEO & Founder

I am Fabiola Duron, a Financial and Insurance Professional with over 10 years of experience

I started Life Building Legacy with the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs prepare for a successful transition from their business. As your financial partner, we will help you create a plan that protects what you’ve worked so hard for and design your life after retirement. Our personalized approach will result in you having more clarity on your financial future, the freedom to work on business rather than IN your business, and a roadmap to ensure a smooth transition to your next chapter in life.

We are committed to exceptional Financial and Insurance Services by building wealth and together creating a legacy. Our focus is to help you create an individualized financial plan that aligns with your life based on a straightforward conversation about your finances and goals.

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Life Insurance and Financial Planning Partner

Part of our team is Arkapital Financial. We work in partnership to create a world where confidence in money and the peace of mind of being safe in any situation prevails, that is why our purpose is to help people protect their assets by introducing change and education. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance and finance industries.

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What My Clients Say

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Faby and Life Building Legacy for their tremendous support. (...) She took the time to get to know me on a deeper professional level and she was able to steer me in the right direction while planning for life insurance. I truly felt taken care of, and will definitely continue working with Faby in my future financial investments. Thanks again to Faby and her team for guiding me in the right path.”

Jesus Wong

“I want to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Mrs. Fabiola Duron. (...) It's truly remarkable to witness her passion for her work. Mrs. Duron not only assisted me in NLG but went beyond, imparting valuable life advice. Her compassion is evident in every interaction. Her support extended to helping my family with funeral planning, showcasing her ability to handle delicate situations with grace. I am grateful for her guidance and expertise in NLG.”

Silvia Cordova

"A common anxiety in receiving financial guidance is the presence of trust in what should amount to a mutually-designed plan for your financial security. Faby is one of the few people that remain at the top of my list for characteristics such as integrity, reliability, commitment, honesty, communication, humor and compassion. Because those traits are so evident in her being, I trust Faby whole-heartedly. I'm confident that you will share similar sentiments as you engage her to plan your financial future."

Ian Hodge

"I had the sincere pleasure of introducing and working with Fabiola in the financial services industry. We scouted her because she has an insane work ethic and drive to succeed. On top of that drive she has an exceptional way with people. She truly cares about people and has a sincere intention to create an impact with them. This is her super power. (...) Anybody that is fortunate to work with her in any capacity will not only feel they are working with a professional but you will feel inspired to become better yourself."

Karlo Salgado

Reliability and Trust in Insurance Solutions